La Longue Pierre

Le menhir Danthine

Menhir Danthine,  3.60 meters high, weighing 8 tons was originally a standing stone in the field Champ de la Longue Pierre -The Long Stone Field. It was discovered in 1947 by archeologist Hélène Danthine and in 1948 she relocated the menhir some 130 meters to a spot on the road between Barvaux and Erezée.  

Luma Ed., Aywaille (Coll. Pera)
Les deux menhirs ramenés à Wéris I

Two further menhirs were found in the same field Champ de la Longue Pierre in 1984 and again were provisionally relocated and lie behind the Dolmen of Wéris. Actually, they was return on their hole in 2023 of september. 

Menhirs du champ Paquet

In 2019, the excavation of AWaP (Agence Wallonne du Patrimoine) exhumed five new megaliths that was erected in 2023 of september. They are aligned in south-south-west/north-north-east. they size up between 1.92 meters and 3.80 meters. 

Trois nouveaux menhirs au dolmen de Wéris

Three of them was removed near the dolmen Wéris.